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Hi, I'm Margie -
Founder and Lead Designer of
Hearth and Honey Homes.



Lover of nature, waffles, and perfectly-placed throw pillows.

Strong believer that we should love our homes.

Since I was a little girl, home design and styling have been my true passion and what makes my heart smile. Growing up, I was queen of rearranging my room multiple times a month and playing with colors and patterns always fascinated me. At one point I even talked my parents into letting me paint my entire room school bus yellow (yikes!)
Don't worry, I've come a long ways with picking paint colors since then - HA!

With my mother being a residential realtor and my father being a custom home-builder, there is no question as to where my *more-than-normal* love and appreciation for pretty houses comes from. After getting my education in marketing and psychology and working as an account manager and as a wedding design assistant, I finally decided
to follow my heart and start my own interior design firm.

What my little self-made design studio has turned into today would have little Margie in happy tears and absolutely beaming with pride. Creating beautiful spaces where people feel and function their best is truly a career straight from my dreams and I feel so grateful to be trusted by my clients who allow me to live out this dream everyday. Transforming places that just needed a chance and a vision into spaces that truly make a difference in the people's lives who inhabit them will always be magic to me.



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